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Welcome to Finns outdoor swimming pool for dogs and puppies

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Located in the beautiful village of Great Dunham in Norfolk (25 miles from Norwich and 18 miles from Kings Lynn) you will find Finns Dog Aqua Fun and Fitness, an outdoor swimming pool for dogs and puppies, open from April to October.

Although the sea is only a short distance away, as dog owners, we understand that sand is not always a dog’s best friend - getting stuck in their coat, it can cause discomfort if not removed properly. Plus, the added worry of polluted water, currents, and other dogs. At Finns Dog Aqua Fun and Fitness, we provide the perfect alternative to the beach or river with our purpose built, cold water outdoor swimming pool for dogs and puppies.

Here you can feel comfortable and confident to let your dog off their lead, safe in the knowledge that they are in a secure and clean environment. Allowing them to enjoy their fitness time – did you know that a 5-minute swim equating to a 2 hour walk! For added peace of mind there is always someone from Finns in the pool monitoring the dogs.

Not only is swimming fantastic fun and good for your four-legged friend but it is also a great way to connect and bond with your dog or puppy – especially if you get into the pool yourself! We have changing facilities on site, so you are very welcome – however please note that you do so at your own risk, as there is no lifeguard on duty for humans only the dogs.

If you are unsure if your dog can swim, then please feel free to borrow one of our buoyancy aids or of course you can bring your own. Finns Dog Aqua Fun and Fitness can help them overcome their fear, please just ask.

We offer various sessions in our outdoor swimming pool for dogs and puppies, including – a taster session, solo sessions, and puppy sessions. Please click on the button below and you will be taken to our bookings page.

Opening Hours

By appointment only - operating between April and October only

Monday to Friday 10.00 - 17.00

Saturday 10.00 - 16.00

Closed Sunday's & Bank Holidays

Below you will find answers to come of our frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions please feel free to email or call on 07341989624.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know if my dog can swim, what if they are frightened of the water?

Not all dogs can swim. We can fit your dog with a buoyancy jacket and be in the water with them, helping them overcome any fears. It may take a little time but with encouragement and support they will learn. We recommend you book a taster session to see how your dog reacts to the water.

How many dogs are allowed in the pool?

This depends on the type of booking made. The maximum is 5 dogs at any one time. Please note that we do not run group sessions for people / dogs who don’t know each other.

Can I get in the pool with my dog?

Yes, you can. There are changing facilities on site, and you are permitted to swim with your dog(s). You must be able to have your feet on the bottom with your head above the water. This is at your own risk, as there is no lifeguard on duty for humans.

Is this the same as hydrotherapy?

No. This is a cold-water pool designed for fun and fitness only. We are not qualified to give any health advice regarding your dog and ask that you consult your vet if you have any concerns.

My dog has had surgery. Can I book a session to help with recovery?

If your dog has had surgery or is recovering from any injury, we suggest you speak to your vet about a treatment/recovery plan. We do not offer hydrotherapy treatment and cannot give any health advice regarding your dog. If you think swimming is a good form of exercise for your dog, you can book a session at your own risk.

Will the chemicals in the pool harm my dog?

We use a saltwater system which means that a measured amount of natural salt is added to the water. The salt concentration is approximately 3000ppm which is not enough to give the water a salty taste. It is pumped through a standard filtration system then the pool water flows through an electrolytic cell to produce chlorine. The chlorine dissolves in the water and destroys bacteria and algae. This water purification process should not affect your dog's coat.

How long does the session last?

Each session is a maximum of 30 minutes (with the taster sessions shorter), but this includes a 5-minute buffer at the beginning and end for arrival and departure.  As swimming can be tiring for dogs, we do not recommend they stay in the pool longer than 20 minutes.

Can I leave my dog with you whilst I run an errand during the appointment?

No. Owners cannot leave their dogs unattended. All owners are responsible for their dogs at all times.

When should I feed my dog before or after a swimming session?

Swimming is vigorous exercise for your dog, and you should not feed them at least an hour before or after swimming.

Are there any size restrictions for dogs using the pool?

There are no size restrictions. The pool is approximately 130cm deep so even large dogs should be able to swim. If your dog is small, we can fit them with a buoyancy jacket to assistant them.

What happens if I have to cancel my booking?

You can cancel or amend your booking up to 24 hours before your appointment. Unfortunately, if you cancel on the day, we cannot give you a refund.

What happens if it is raining?

Finns is an outdoor swimming pool for dogs and puppies and is unheated. We operate in all conditions as dog's don't mind the weather however, if we feel there is any risk, we will close the pool for health and safety reasons.  If we cannot open the pool, you will receive a full refund, or you can transfer your appointment to another day.

Where can I park?

We have ample parking space on site.

How can I find you?

If travelling from Fransham or Dunham, when you turn into Beeston Road, we can be found on your left-hand side after approximately 400 yards. If you reach Mill House on your right-hand side, you have travelled too far, please turn around.

If travelling from Beeston we are on the right-hand side about 400 yards from the junction.

It seems that most satellite navigation systems will direct you to Mill House. Please do not go up the track to that property, head towards the junction and you will see the Finns sign on our gates.

We look forward to welcoming you and your furry friend at Finns Dog Aqua fun and Fitness outdoor swimming pool for dogs and puppies.

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07341 989624

Briar House, Beeston Road, Great Dunham PE32 2LX

We are open April to October

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